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I purchased a CCNA Security lab off Ebay. The only thing I see so far unless I'm missing something is in Packet Tracer I can't use the SDM. I could have just bought one router with SDM support and just ran the SDM and copied and pasted the commands into Packet Tracer unless there's a specific command that it doesn't accept in CCNA Security.

Anyway, are there any limitations with Packet Tracer for this certification?


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    I'm in the CCNA Security Academy class right now. So far the ones who choose to use Packet Tracer have found that they cannot do anything requiring SDM (obviously), and they cannot do ZBF. Other than that, there's a command or option here and there that's not implemented, but nothing major. For the switches, in a thread in the CCENT/CCNA section we've found that there are commands that only work on packet tracer's 2960's and some that only work on packet tracer's 3560's. It's nothing that will hold you back, just an annoyance.

    As you said, you can pick up a router that supports SDM to supplement your studies with Packet Tracer. You can find a list of routers that support SDM here. Any router on the list will do, the 831's and 1721's are dirt cheap on eBay. Just make sure you're getting one with the power brick, those cost more than the router for some reason.
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