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Thank you Bl8ckr0uter, you are right on the money. I will come back to this forum when I have a job in networking.

Ironically, the company I am working for handle an average of 130 million transactions every day, so you can imagine the kind of network infrastructure this company have. However, moving to any of the network team is something that can take me years (most of the guys at those departments are unreachable from my actual job position, the have been working in average 15-25 years at those departments) and the closest position i can move is team leader at my actual department, and for that, i will have to wait almost two years more....seniority is a big issue at this company....



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    So you hold a CCNP and you aren't (are not) working with any cisco gear? I would try to find a job in networking before you think about doing CCIE.
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    pomis wrote: »
    I am thinking to sit for the written test at the end of this year or before if I can.
    The CCIE Written exam will renew your CCNP, but it also starts the clock ticking -- you have to make your first CCIE Lab attempt within 18 months of passing the CCIE Written exam. If you're not going to be ready for the Lab Exam then you might want to save some money and just recertify your CCNP by taking a Cisco Professional Level Exam.
    I would try to find a job in networking before you think about doing CCIE.
    Studying for the CCIE gives them something to do while they work on improving their English Language Skills -- and it keeps their skills from their previous Cisco work experience from getting rusty and useless.

    Plus since it's a 5 year plan it seems highly realistic -- though there will be nothing stopping them from hitting the Lab sooner if things go well for them.
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