How Fast to SNAA after SNAF?

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I am just putting a general inquiry out there for folks that have gone down this path. I was planning on waiting until the first week of April (right before the exam retires) to schedule this exam. My main reason for waiting is that I want to review some SNAF material before I dive into the SNAA material, and my company has a two weeks expense freeze for the end of our fiscal year. I have skimmed some of the material and I feel very comfortable with what I have reviewed (NAT, VPN, etc), as I have a ton of experience with this on the PIX and ASA and this was covered ad naseum in the SNRS. While the SNRS covered this from the perspective of routers, they are beginning to mirror each other rather closely.

I almost feel like scheduling this today. However, I am probably being over confident... which has bitten me before (70-298 and 70-299 in the Microsoft realm, for example).
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