Totally confused on home lab setup for 70-680

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I understand this may not be the right sub forum but dont know where else to go.

I have setup a W2K8 Server in VMWare. I have installed DNS, Active Directory Domain Services and WDS on it. I have created a domain on it.

I have also setup a Win 7 client in VMWare that I would like to join to the domain.

However as I am using a regular home Netgear router this is configured to dhcp so if I set static IP to the Server then it can no longer connect to the web or act as DNS.

I don't know where to start to fix this without messing up my router settings and paralysing my web access.

Can anyone help please?


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    When you set your address static on your Win2008 Server make sure it is in the same range as the other computers. I.e. if your dhcp gives out 192.168.1.X address make sure you set the server to, mask, gateway

    Hope that helps. Thats all I did on mine and it worked right away.
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