Typical Microsoft

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Wanted to move mailboxes between two different Exchange server so I wanted to export them to PST

Powershell command is "export-Mailbox" and "import-Mailbox" respectively.

Export-Mailbox: Exchange 2010 Help

Didn't work .. was driving me mental ..

As of Exchange Servicepack 1 they changed the commands to

"New-MailboxExportRequest" and "New-MailboxImportRequest"

New-MailboxExportRequest: Exchange 2010 SP1 Help

Why the *$%£ do they change whole command sets between SP revisions ?!?

When I did my exams (662/663) last month they started to use SP1 questions - so you better study it WELL ...
My own knowledge base made public: http://open902.com :p


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