How relevant is this title today- The Design of Unix OS

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I was browsing through an online bookstore's collection of books on Unix and I stumbled upon this title: The Design of the UNIX Operating System [Prentice-Hall Software Series] (0076092031369): Maurice J. Bach: Books
And looking at the list of contents, it seems almost like a recommended reading on Unix systems. It is published in the 1980's though, so it would seem dated.
I was wondering if anyone here had read that book and can it be considered relevant today since it was published 20+ years ago...


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    It still occupies a place of honor front and center in my UNIX book section in my home library.

    I read it when it was brand new, but I'd have to say it's probably a little dated in some areas now. I'd still rate it a must read classic if you're a serious UNIX geek -- but look at it as more of a history lesson to understand where UNIX came from.
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    Ahh yes, 1986. I was 4. icon_lol.gif
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    ehnde wrote: »
    Ahh yes, 1986. I was 4. icon_lol.gif
    Ouch! That sure makes me feel old. This was the textbook for my undergrad OS course in '89. And lets just say that that came several years after my original BS in Chemistry. Now, where did I leave that cane...icon_wink.gif

    For a more up-to-date OS book you might look at something like Operating System Concepts by Abraham Silberschatz:
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