Passed this beast today - MCSA!

skaeightskaeight Member Posts: 130
I passed 70-291 today. Wow does it feel great! I've finished MCSA certification!! I never thought I'd get here. Of course I'm not finished yet, 4 more exams and I'll have MCSE.

Anyways, on to the test. I must say it was very tough, and I think I was more afraid of this test than 70-290. However, I think I did better on this one than on 70-290 and I also felt a little bit more confident during the test. There were 2 questions I basically guessed (educated guesses) on and 3 more that I was about 90% certain on, but other than it was straightforward.

Now don't get me wrong, you need to study very hard for this test. I put in a lot of time studying for this test both in book form and also with hands on experience. Within the past month I had to rebuild a Domain Controller at work because the the harddrive decided to go and it wasn't mirrored when the machine was originally set up. This machine hosted basically our entire network infastructure, so I had that experience under my belt before taking this exam.

Most people aren't in that situation, so I would suggest being sure to get plenty of lab time in before taking this exam. Reading alone will not be even close to cutting it. There are just so many options for all of the various services that you are expected to know that you only can learn by actually getting your hands dirty.

So now I'm going to take a day or two off and start the process all over again for 70-293. I just can't wait to at least get done with MCSE, but after that there's Cisco....will it ever end? icon_eek.gif:D


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