Escaped the help desk!

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I have just accepted a position with a small MSP as a network engineer. A rather nice increase in pay, benefits, significantly closer to my apartment and certification incentive bonuses. Will spend the first 3 months getting to know their clients and processes, after that i'll be in the field setting up the gear and doing configs.

The boss has already told me that they will provide funding for additional training if needed and will also provide me lab gear as well. They provide laptop, cell phone and car allowance as I will be going between sites from time to time.

I've also been told if there is a project that comes up and it's something I don't know but want to know, let them know and I can tag along. Around 15 people at the shop total and apparently the knowledge flows freely.

I have given my 2 week notice but have asked for that to be fast tracked as my new job has stated they can take me sooner. Want to be 2 weeks closer to benefits and starting my learning process. I know it's going to be "balls to the wall" for a bit while I get up to speed, but i'm looking forward to it quite a bit. Haven't been this excited in a while.
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