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I'm not currently job hunting but I decided to update my resume since it's been awhile. I have started from scratch and am playing around with a new format. What do you think?

My main concerns so far:

1) I don't like the word "Qualifications" but I do like the basic info being there to reinforce the cover leter. Not sure on this section yet.

2) I decided to go vertical on the responsibilities for my last two positions rather than go horizontal and list more jobs. I could go back a little farther but 6 years is probably enough to establish my qualifications. To add more history I would also have to either sacrifice readibility or go to three pages which I really don't want to do. Still debating this one

3) I'm not sure I like how the "Key Contributions" section ended up at the top of the second page but really can't fix it either without moving the first page around. Thinking about bolding it. Not sure if I want to do that though since its more of a sub heading.

Thoughts? Did I miss something considered Vital? It's been a few years since I've had to actually job hunt so I'm a bit out of practice.


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    - 'Comptia' should be CompTIA
    - Instead of 'Security Plus' I would go with Security+. Same with Network+ and Project+
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    I like the qualfications section. I'm using a professional summary right now and make change over to your format. I've had a lot of good remarks on my layout. After education and certs (i have them split up with my cert ID's) I have bold sections:
    Software applications, Operating systems, Networking\protocols and Languages.

    My second page start my experiance. First page seems to win all the time. People love bullets like you have, nothing to long or involved.

    Remeber when people are looking over your resume they are searching for keywords for only about 30 seconds before they move on. They then put you in the maybe pile or the no pile.
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    I don't like the italics.
    For education, if you graduated put graduated and the year.
    I don't think the 2nd page needs a header with your name and addres on it.
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    Condense the Accomplishments points. Stating the above isn't part of an achievement and currently it's all a bit hard to read. You could also change the bullet points to ticks if you wanted.

    Qualifications kinda reads like a semi-Career Summary. Maybe revise for consistency and rename?

    Change the font to Arial, Calibri, Trebruchet MS or something a bit more contemporary.

    Security+, not Security Plus. This could potentially have your resume dismissed.

    Have only your name in the header as a subtle marking. Insert a standard title; the huge header looks bad on the second page. Include a 'Page x of 2' in the footer.

    Watch for consistency; you have no space under the Professional Experience title.
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    This was a first draft so I assumed I still had a few typo's and formatting errors. I'll take another pass through it keeping all of your points in mind.

    Much appreciated.
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