Test Question On OS ?

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do the test have question's on old OS (win xp,2000,vista) or does it just Focus on win 7 ? i ask because most of the info. i am getting to learn is based on the old OS , and i know win 7 is the one the is taking over right now . i just don't want to waste my tine if i don't need to.


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    I wrote my A+ yesterday morning, and in my experience (as I'm sure there is a large pool of questions)... 95% of the OS questions were XP&Vista. I got maybe 1 or 2 on Win7 and absolutely no questions for Windows 2000.
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    well , ths is good to know . i wonder when they will stop the questioning about win xp and/or vista . win xp is a deed windows format.
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    Hahaha "a deed windows format"? You still need to know XP and Vista per the exam objectives. And for the record, I still use XP at home.
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    why use winxp, i would not at this stage of os, when winxp is 10 years old.

    anyways, yes i am seeing that vista and winxp is something i do need to know (note: never used vista, just win95,win98se,winxp and win7).
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