Getting back into the game!

It's been 10 months since I've worked on certifications, but I'm back!

Last test I took was 70-648 which was a pain in the a** to study for. No individual study book at the time. Used both the AD and Net Infrastructure books from M$ Press.

Now I'm halfway through the 70-643 book. I plan to hit it pretty hard soon, do some labs and get one step closer to MCITP:EA. After that, all I need is the client exam and the MCITP:EA test and I'm good.

What have I been doing since I've been away. Working, spending time with my family, ummmm....I guess not doing much. Shame on me. Why do I want to hibernate in the winter time?

Time to better myself. There's always something to learn. Sorry for being away guys!
Currently Working On: 70-643 - Configuring Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure

Plans for 2010: MCITP:EA and CCNA
70-648 - Done
70-643 - In progress
70-647 - Still on my list
70-680 - Still on my list


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    Welcome back. I did the same thing after my last job. I got away from studying and would jsut come home and waste my time watching TV etc.

    I started my MCSA track in 2006 and did not finish it until a few months ago.

    Now onto CCNA and I LOVE coming home and studying. Guess the only thing about having a job that gets under my skin is the drive to keep studying.

    I find reading about other members keeps me motivated.

    Good luck on the next exam you take.
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