IT Positions, Redlands, CA

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PC Tech(s)
-Associates or Bachelors

InfoSec Analyst [has been available sine 2008!]
-US Citizen

Network Admin
-Cisco and Foundry
-3 years experience as Network Admin
-Look, no Cisco cerification requirement!!! lol

Database Admin

-Medical, no premium
-Dental, no premium
-Vision, $1.07/mo
-Profit Sharing (deposited to your 401k account, because the owner encourages the employees to save for their retirement. This typically 3% of your annual salary)
-$3,000/year tuition reimbursement
-The company DO NOT pay for IT certification renewals and such

I heard this company let go of yet another Network Admin TODAY who has been here for 15 yrs. So, there may be 2 Network Admin available. The other Network Admin actually left due to relocation.

You can PM me and perhaps I can send your resume directly to HR.

Just a heads-up, after 4 phone interviews, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview. It normally lasts from 8am-6pm with different members of the team on each department. Of course, part of that is the 12nn-1pm lunch interview in their own Cafeteria.

The company is recommended for mid to intermediate level, but not Cisco god-level.

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