Sybex versus cisco press in bcmsn

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hello everybody

i want to know witch of the 2 books is better for the bcmsn sybex or cisco press as i'm confused

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    I can't give a fantastic answer here, as I've never read the Sybex book. I used the Cisco Press book (Froom, et al.) and felt it adequately prepared me for the test. There were a few places where I grew frustrated with the general organization of the chapters, or sections within chapters (particularly the Queuing section). The Cisco Press book also goes into a nice level of detail on Cisco's AVVID architecture and the Enterprise Composite Network Model (which I only bring up because I noticed that the Exam Preparation guide at the bookstore did not--it went into the switch block and access/distribution/core model instead, whoops? I don't know which model the Sybex book uses, and you'll want to know the Enterprise Composite Model, so check that out first.)

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    Use both.

    But if I had to choose only one, I'd go with the Cisco Press. I think Sybex has a bad habit of assuming the candidate has knowledge they may or may not actually possess. I'm thoroughly disgusted with the BSCI book with how it glosses over some of the subjects. That being said, I have already purchased the Sybex BCMSN book to pair with the Cisco Press book for when I move on from BSCI
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    thank you guys

    i will go ahead and start reading the cisco press and i hope it will help because i prepared my ccna and bsci with sybex but let's try the cisco press in this one

    my exam is in 5 weeks... icon_confused.gif
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