Looking for Route planning software

brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
I need help looking for a driving route planning software. We have several users that drive out to numerous different addresses daily, and I want to make it as efficient as it can be. I can create a list of addresses in any order, but I would like to import it to a program and let it dish out the order and/or routes.

I should add that the files can have anywhere from 25 to 800 addresses.



  • QordQord Member Posts: 632 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I don't have any personal experience using it, but when I was driving trucks my boss used Microsoft Streets & Trips to plan our routes. I never actually used the software, but the directions it spit out were very accurate, and included the places I actually had to stop like weigh stations and DEA & Dept. of Agriculture search stops (I delivered bulk live plants).
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