Remote access to cash registers

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I'm working with our Finance Team to access our SAM4s ER-5200M Cash Registers so that we can make changes to them remotly. These registers have a RS-232 port that I can connect to locally inorder to make changes. They sell the software package that does this SAM52-SAM52M Polling Software ? but its for registers in the same network.

How could I accomplish this with registers that are located in diffrent parts of the country?


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    In the description is says:
    Connect directly via RS-232C or remotely via telephone modems.

    I assume there are copper services to this building. Could you not just connect via modem?
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    I remotely administer hundreds of registers through these programs. Hope this helps...

    Check out Proxy Pro 7
    icon_arrow.gifRemote Desktop Software, PC Remote Access, Remote Control Software

    Check out LANDesk Remote Control
    icon_arrow.gifLANDesk: Remote Control Software
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