THIRD World!!

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Well i'm been an active member of this forum for some months now and the thing that i have observed is maximum people out here are from the USA or UK .
I was wondering wither we have any asian population out here .
Well myself being from India and pursuing my CCNA . I was hoping any of my mates from asia would like to help me give a broad spectrum about the job market out their in the networking field . Because the asian market is different from the american and european market quite substancially . We can't expect a job with a pay scale which you get for a beginner over their . so any of my asian buddies could help me with these things :). i would greatly appreciate .
P.s - Well i could have specified this to every1 but knowledge is the same everywhere ,its universal and this is place is such a fountain of it helped me in many ways . But i doubt when it comes to job scenario the west knows about asian market . If u do happen to know about asain market will be glad if you share

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