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I need some advie. Been out of the field for a few years but in the meantime have been running my own biz which included systems and win 2k servers.
I have a BA in IT in addition to mcse in 2k and mcsa,a+,net +,security +,cne 4,5,6 mcne 5,6 and ccna 3.0.

Will a gap in employment hurt my chances despite being a small biz owner?
Also to update my mcse to 08 is there n update test or would I have to do the entire track over?
Ccna I'm guessing is the test over again?

Thanks for an feedback.


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    there is no MCSE for 2008, it is now the MCITP: Enterprise Admin.

    there is an upgrade exam, but you need to have the MCSE 2003 to take it.

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    It looks like the upgrade exams to go from 2000 to 2003 are expired or no longer available..... And I don't see a 2000-->2008 option, only 2003-->2008. But you'll want to wait for an official MS Fan to answer. I'm just looking at this: Windows Server Certification | Microsoft Server exam list | Microsoft Certified Professional

    If it's been more than 3 years since you earned your CCNA, and you haven't taken any other Cisco exams since, then your CCNA is probably expired.

    The good news is ISDN and IGRP is no long on the exam. :D The bad news is that they shifting more of the "old old CCNP" down to the CCNA.

    There is no cost difference between the 2 exam option (ICND1/ICND2) and the single CCNA exam -- just an extra trip to the exam center. You do earn a CCENT certification for passing ICND1 -- but just doing the CCNA (and passing) keeps you Old School.

    Cisco does have the new and improved Cisco Learning Network. The Certification/Exam links on this page will take you there -- IT Certification - Cisco - Cisco Systems

    If it's just a gap in your IT employment, then play up your "systems work" in addition to your non-IT business.

    Some people may have issues with hiring a "business owner" since they may feel once you've been The Boss you may not be a happy being Joe Employee again.

    Other people may think you'll still be running your business from their office instead of doing your job.

    But there's nothing you can do about what people think about you reentering the labor force after running your own business. Don't worry about and move on with your new full time job of finding a new job.

    List your business experience on your resume in your employment history. Stress your leaderships skills and successes -- and if you still did some of the work, your ability to get your hands dirty and get the job done.

    If you've closed your business because of the economy, you also have the ability to face reality -- and make the tough calls.
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    thanks for the reply. I totally understand your point.
    Yes not closing, but selling the biz due to bad economy and lack of business.

    Do you think it hurts my chances of getting employment or can be as well respected as someone whos been in the field?

    I was told by a friend who's husband is an IT admin that many companies actually like to hire to see prior business experience on a resume. They love someone who is tech savvy and understands the fundamentals and then some of running a business.

    Would you agree?

    Also regarding your comment on the 2000-08 upgrade.. I will probably call MS you feel it would have to be the entire track again??

    What kind of salary would i be looking at with my credentials and exp?
    realistically? Im guessing maybe 30-40k?
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    Yes just a gap in my offical IT employment..
    Last time I was employed was a contract for a year with a company in Phila..since then I went into my own thing..this was back in 06. Been in biz since then...and now about to exit that..
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