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Am a graduate , looking to go into information security, was adviced to start of with cisa, need help in getting the 2011 manual, can anyone pls help me.


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    The CISA (and CISM) are certifications from ISACA. You can find the study guides and practice exams on You can also find CISA study materials on
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    Been there, but can't afford it, am paying the exam fee myself and was jst wondering if someone had the electronic format of the guide.
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    Ah, so you are requesting a pirated copy of copyrighted materials?

    Do you really want to start your InfoSec career with a public display of unethical behavior?

    (I just want to be absolutely clear on your intentions before I perma-ban you from
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    Not really, jst need some help, actually i have the 2010 manual but dont know if that will do, since there is a new cpe for 2011
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    They only come out with a new study guide eveyr few years, so the 2010 would be the best to use. Just make sure you use more than one source of study material. And be sure to search for "CISA" in these forums and read the posts from people who passed the exam.
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    Do you even meet the minimum experience requirements to hold this designation? You mentioned you were a graduate, but are you a recent graduate? ISACA certifications aren't intended to break someone into an industry, rather, certify their experience and competence in a particular field/industry. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements, as they will specifically look at your work experience (and you must have someone who can vouch for your experience)

    As far as material, the ISACA CISA exam for 2011 has brand new objectives, so many of the material out there right now may not be enough to adequately prepare you for this "new" exam. If you've already paid for the exam, you might as well go out and purchase the official guide from ISACA. The investment pays dividends, and if you're employer does not reimburse you, you could possibly have this as a tax write off when you file next year.
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