Anyone with MS 70-220 Exam experience?

risingtechierisingtechie Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi, just rejoined the site after being inactive for over a year. Work was crazy and my certs had to take a back seat. However, Microsoft’s free exam retake policy this month was too good to pass up. It’s got me back into action so I’m taking the tests I’ve been putting off. The next one I’d like to tackle is 70-220 but it’s not in the forums or tech notes section of this site. I’m just curious as to how hard it is, what Internet resources might help, and if anyone has any advice to offer? If you are wondering why I chose this particular exam, it’s because it fits well with my other certification goals. It counts toward my MCSE but it also counts towards my MCSA:Security specialization as well. I have planned my certification path very carefully to get the most certifications with the minimal amount of tests. Thanks guys.
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