McAfee Website not secure

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    lol. oops
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    With a company as large as McAfee I wouldn't be surprised if the web design team has little training in web exploits / security best practice. The bigger the company, the bigger the disconnect between teams. Reminds me of the trouble Toyota recently got in to with their brakes...
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    SephStorm wrote: »
    With how disappointing their product is, im not surprised.

    +1 on this one for sure :).

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    I like McAfee.

    Their ePO console works really well for reporting and client management.
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    My history with McAfee:

    A few years ago I used McAfee when it came with one of my PC's. It had an awesome interface that allowed me to view the integrated firewall, and other advanced options. A few updates later, they became consumer friendly, and even the advanced options were dumbed down. Then I noticed an increasing number of false positives, especially on certain programs that were not infected, but certain companies have a vested interest in flagging.

    At this time I also became aware of the McAfee Site Advisor program/system. I became a loyal contributor, even earned some reputation. Then I realized that sites with hundreds of green ratings would still be red, red ones would be green, even with high reputation users reporting. More and more cases of this showed themselves, security sites hosting tools and code were marked inappropriately, even though SA had a yellow rating specifically for those sites. Users with high reputation simply copied and pasted whois and other information from blacklists. No actual analysis.

    Eventually I left McAfee, but I kept an eye on them when I looked at reports like av-comparatives. While they generally received decent reviews, they certainly didnt get the best rating. And finally the product itself. I believe one of McAfee's flagship products, one that I think is included on new PCs is its security suite, that is supposed to protect against not only viruses, but other forms of malware. I recently came to the McAfee forums after malware appeared on one of our work computers. I found that the infection, even though it has been reported on the McAfee site since late last year is still getting through without detection (non modified version). Even their folks admitted that it was an issue; their solution was to use another McAfee application... THAT IS IN BETA. So yes, I am done with McAfee. :)
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