CompTIA A + or MCTS 70-680

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Hi all,

Not sure if this topic is in the right spot on this site, but anyways I'd like to work in IT sometime in the near future. I don't have any work experience. I have some computer background. I don't program, pretty much all that I basically know how to do at this point is troubleshoot. I'm familiar with Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Snow Leopard. I can't decide which certification to pursue. Either the CompTIA A+ or the MCTS: Windows 7 Configuration Exam 70-680. Any thoughts/suggestions?



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    Why Not both :D

    Start of with A+ which would put you in the Loop for any IT Job ( as a beginner Hardware Support etc ) and then go with the N+ or MCTS .

    A+ is basic hardware stuff which is very useful .. and i am aware a bit tricky as well

    So best of luck ..........
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    If I were hiring for entry level IT pros in the corporate world, I would probably find the MS exam more valuable. For geek squad and other outfits the A+ may be preferable because of its sections on hardware. In the corporate world, the minute we think its a hardware problem we pass it off to the manufacturer.
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