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Cisco IOS Shell [Cisco IOS and NX-OS Software] - Cisco Systems

Any one up on this???????

I'm not a unix guy, but what capabilities could be pulled from this? I'm always open to improvement on workflow.
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    I havent used it personally, but I know they have a TCL shell as well. It's mainly for automation really. You can configure it to loop through a bunch of commands. Lets say you perform a set of commands on a regular basis, rather than manually doing it you can run your shell script.

    Also allows you to concatenate the data output as well. Lets say you want to run a show interfaces on your switch and just check for CRC errors. Rather than going through a giant wall of text you can pull out just that one line your looking for on each interface.

    I can see how it would be useful.
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    I'm always creating little bash scripts to help with what I do, so this looks like something I could use. I hope to give it a go at some point.
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