Information Assurance Position in O'fallon, IL

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I was originally contacted about this position in early March 2011 so I'm passing this information on.

PM me for contact details etc...

brief details:

establishment and management of DOD IA and Industrial Security Programs including IA activities in support of software and system design, development, testing and sustainment

· DOD IA and Industrial Security requirements, policies, and processes.

· identification, implementation, and evaluation of IA requirements throughout system development, operations and sustainment.

· DOD Certification and Accreditation activities.

· PKI implementation and PK enablement of applications.

· Risk and vulnerability assessments and risk mitigation

· implementation of DOD enterprise IA tools.

You will also be expected to be experienced and knowledgeable in the latest industry trends and developments in enterprise IA solutions, including such topics/products as:

· DOD Enterprise IA tools and solutions (i.e., SCVI, SCRI, VMS, HBSS, etc.)

· Commercial coding standard compliance validation tools (e.g., Ounce, etc.)

· Government and commercial data encryption solutions
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