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My company I work for recently told me we were going to be Brocade partners pretty soon and they will be offering training to those who want or need it? We will probably be upgrading our current infrastructure with our clients within the next coming year or so?

Has anyone have had experience with the Brocade certifications? Is it similar to Cisco's IOS (I heard it is)...I have little to no experience with Brocade command utility (but I dabbled with Cisco back in college). I was going to head toward Cisco direction but now looks like my company is heading toward the Brocade direction? Which should I focus on? Is Brocade as highly regarded as Cisco?

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    So Brocade bought Foundry in 2008 which is what the current line of Brocades are based on. Foundry had an excellent reputation in the networking community and are often preferred by ISPs over Cisco. They are just as capable and less expensive. Getting a healthy dose of Foundry experience is good for your career AND its easier to sell the brocades since they are a good 15% cheaper than ciscos.
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    Also, according to a salary survey from 2009, the Brocade certs are in the top spots for high earning certs ;)
    In the U.S., the top five highest-paying certs varied a bit this year from last year, although the general content areas stayed pretty much the same. The cert that commanded the highest salary this year was the Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE, formerly FNCNE) with a whopping average total salary of $146,250. This bumped last year’s top cert, the Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (BCFD or BCSD), which had an average salary of $120,770 last year, to No. 4 this year.
    Rounding out the top five highest-paying certs in 2009 were: (ISC)2 Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSP-ISSAP) with $136,060; Brocade Certified SAN Manager (BCSM) with $136,020; Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (BCFD or BCSD) with $135,600; and the (ISC)2 Information Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP) with $134,100.

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    Wow, really interesting.

    Thanks for your inputs
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