what if i miss out on the mcdst? help!

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Now hypothetically, or realistically, for some people, myself included.

I'm being a newbie here, but i thought not getting the mcdst would be the end of the world as my studying might be pointless, well not pointless in the matter of knowledge and learning and knowing my way around XP even more, but in the sense that i wouldn't be able to have a cert that would denote my knowledge of XP. (Background info, i just purchased the two MS PRESS books, 2nd edition, needed for the exams and will be pushing for them, and i have a background in using computers since i was like 6.)

I didn't realize there was an up to date thingie called MCP with these qualifications below needed. Am i correct to say that even if i happen to study and if i don't happen to be able to take or pass the test in time, for the mcdst, which might very well happen as life has a way of getting in the way of plans, that MCP is attained by just completing just a 70-271/70-272 regardless and will be okay?

I did a basic google search of MCP and found a link to this below for MCP, although i'm not able to find it specifically on the microsoft website for some reason.

Or how about this question. Say, i didn't complete the mcdst in time, should i be gearing myself for the mcitp edst? That's assuming the A+ isn't done yet. (i know i should, especially with no professional exp part of my life)

Ultimately I want to be able to get into basic tech support or something to get my foot in the door at the bare minimum.

Help anyone?


70-270 Exam: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional
70-271 Exam: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a MS Windows XP OS
70-272 Exam: Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications
70-284 Exam: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server
70-290 Exam: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment


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    Basically you earn the MCP by taking any one of the exams you listed (I'm sure there are some you didn't list that qualify) but don't fret. You get all the same benefits by taking any of the newer tests but just not the MCP designation. I'd skip taking the MCDST and shoot for the Windows 7 certs.
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    MCP represents two distinct concepts.

    1. A certification earned by passing an MCP era exam such as the 270, 271, or 272.
    2. A term used to describe any person holding a Microsoft certification.

    If you do not hold the MCP certification, you may not list MCP in your resume nor may you use the logo as you are not a Microsoft Certified Professional. You are an IT professional who is Microsoft Certified. So only a Microsoft certified professional in the general sense of the word.

    You do not require any of the exams you listed to get an entry level job. You should consider studying for the MCTS Certification for Windows 7 and then moving on to one of the MCITP certifications for Windows 7. YOU WILL NOT, as a newbie, have enough time to study and prep for the MCDST.
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    Even if you actually miss out on the ability to have an MCP, those posessing an MCTS get access to the MCP site.

    The MCP is obtained by passing nearly any xp/2003 exam. The MCTS is obtained by passing nearly any 7/2008 exam.
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    ALL RIGHTY! Ready for some more questions?

    Everything mentioned has opened my eyes to a lot of things, and has cleared up some issues for me I think...

    So...hear me out.

    I'm going to take my purchasing the 70-271/70-272 books as just for educational purposes and will go through them both and possible take the exams, or not. I want to move past that. ( bought them both for under 40 on half.com anyhow)

    Taking that aside,

    The consensus seems to point me towards taking the 70-680, instead of focusing on the XP stuff, and at a bare minimum and either following it up with the 70-685 exam or 686, or both. That depends on me/what i do pursue, i get that.


    So i'll be focusing on taking the windows 7 config exams, my question would be MS press books or sybex books to best prepare me? I'm not just looking to pass the exams or buying brain **** or etc. that i've read about, i'm looking to know what i'm doing.

    From reading reviews, it seems like some of the newer MS press books have a lot of errors in them? Or maybe i'm just reading bad posts. But anyhow. Any Suggestions on that front?

    I'm asking because I don't want to spend my money haphazardly on books that I don't need or aren't going to help me on my journey.

    OR how about this,

    If you could build up a person to get into an entry level position in IT, be it, help desk, tech support, jr windows sys admin, or any other jr/associate level position, which is technically the position i'm in.

    What should I pursue and in what order? A+ would be first i assume. Or possible sprinkling in one of the XP.

    When should i pursue the 70-640 exam ( AD 200icon_cool.gif and if i'm going that route should i just buy the set of MCITP EA or SA, to get it over with eventually, and if i do, should I go for the MS press or Sybex?

    Or should I NOT be going for the MCITP with no background, and start with the MCSA/MCSE and upgrade at a later date? Or would that be a waste of time.

    I understand that a lot needs there needs to be other things factored in so my background will be below.

    I went to school for Comp sci in college many years ago, and started to get into other areas of study and bounced around studying wise in school. Decided to take a break and figure out where my studies were going/or not going towards and didn't want to waste anymore money skipping around in school.

    Long story short, re-entering school and I have a fully developed other soft skills and such through social work and volunteering and would was exposed to the IT world through work.

    Applying my previously done credits towards this new school.

    I plan on graduating from Computer Technology - Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (it's a link to the course syllabus in case you're wondering.)

    In case you don't click on the link, a short summary..for the short 2 year school, it has a strong emphasis in math up to calc 2, prepares you for sys admin work in both windows/linux, networking background, and programming, c++/java and exposure to the newer languages out. (its all in the syllabus)

    I want to couple that associate degree with a solid background in my off time, studying for certs and being able to use them properly. I know eventually my schooling and exam studies might overlap hopefully, but i want to get a jump start and be proactive in my career.

    Goal wise, i intend to move to VA/DC/MD area to be with my girlfriend. So working wise i'll be around that area, and from what i've hear there's a lot of work available hopefully by the time i finish up.

    Long term wise, i intend to finish my bachelors, regardless, even if i'm living comfortably, around that area, and i've already researched a few schools around there with really good IT programs.

    With all of that being said....


    And thank you for your expertise i really do appreciate this board. I spent a few weeks just researching what everything meant as the whole certification thing is new to me. It helps to have others sort of out the massive information overload that's occurring on my end.
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    Which area are you more interested in development or sys administration?

    If you want to become a sys admin start with the MCITP: EDST7 certification. These skills will be foundational to a systems support role. Then move on to the MCITP: EDA7 exam. 3 test, 3 certs (one MCTS and two MCITPs).
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    I'll be heading down the system admin path, but i'd like to eventually end up in database work.

    I'm going to research the other boards to look for the best available books to prepare for the the 70-680. and etc.

    Thanks again.
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