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I just crimped 8 rollover cables to go from my as2509rj access server to my routers and switches. The 5 that went into my 4 routers and frame relay were fine. The 3 that are going to the console port on my (3) 2509s do not snugly fit into the port. The regular serial to USB console cable do snugly fit into the port though. I am using EZ RJ45's if that makes a difference. Thanks
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    I have a 2511rj on the way that I may have to make cables for, so hopefully I can relate some info (should arrive next Monday).

    Although the auction said 8 cables were included, along with the AUI icon_cheers.gif

    I might need longer/more though, so we'll see.

    Can you tell any differences by looking at a console cable and one of the rollovers you crimped by putting them on top of each other? I guess the fact that it's only your switches with the problem would seem to imply that theres some difference between router/switch console ports.

    Hopefully someone else can clue us in icon_sad.gif
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