Olive in kvm or dynamips

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My base platform is linux (a debian shoot-off if it matters). Would it be easier to run an olive in dynamips or a FreeBSD VM running in KVM?

Is one olive sufficient for JNCIA-Junos?
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    i used gns3 on XP and it worked fine for me. if i had more than one olive i had to put my olive images into seperate folders for some reason to make it work. i think it was a qemu issue possibly.

    As for the JunOS exam, one olive would be fine for it. Its a basic exam but covers some good areas of junOS and how juniper do things.

    Plus 50% off is a steal :D. i really like the juniper kit once i get my head around the syntax etc. they have some great common sense features. the fast track pdfs are enough for the exam. any more depth the switching and routing books are v good but are aimed towards the higher levels.

    Good luck.
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    I used them with Dynamips so I could do very real comparisons between what I knew already (Cisco) compared to what I didn't know as well (JUNOS). It takes a little bit of messing around to get them all working together, but its worth it.
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    Dynamips it is, then! I had doubt hearing others talk about how difficult it is to get an olive up in dynagen/dynamips/GNS3. Need to do more labbing and less thinking about labbing icon_lol.gif
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