ITIL career start for software developer

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Hi everybody

I read various posts on the forum on the topic and I found them very useful. I'd like to thank everyone for sharing their expereince for that , it would really help others for directing their career.

But for me , I have around 4 years of expereince in various IT jobs from Software developer to System Analyzer and designere and even account manager and a bachlor in computer engineering. However I am considering to advance my career by going after ITIL Cert hoping to build a career as ITIL consultant.

in the country I live (Iran) , organization just start to get ITIL foundation cousres and are very few company that actually adopted some processes so it appearrs that in few years it will be more popular in Iran. My question is going after ITIL cert would be good choice for someone with programming background.

Your comments and suggestion would highly be appreciated.


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