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Hi guys,
not sure where exactly I should have posted this as the whole idea i am struggling with here is inter vlan routing using L3 devices. I would be grateful if someone could really dumb down this topic and explain it in more detail as I can't get my head around it.

What I am trying to understand here is where and what the traffic does in a voice vlan...

So for example on the core switch I have the voice vlan which has a standby ip which is actually itself...ie if I telnet to I actually get to the core switch again...

So the whole thing I am trying to understand is the traffic comes from the L2 switch in the voice vlan into the L3 switch...once it gets here how does it know where to go?

I understand how dumb this post sounds by I cant seem to even explain the question properly


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    When a device (in this case the phone in the voice VLAN) wants to send traffic its going to first ARP for the destination or its gateway. It will then resolve the gateway address of and will use that MAC to send the frame. The frame is forwarded by the L2 switch to the L3 switch. Once the frame gets to its destination of the L3 switch, the switch uses its forwarding table to look up the L3 destination and send it on its way. Hope that helps.
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