Do any of you all use a third party device or software to point products that need unauthenticated SMTP email like for alerts and such or do you just use your exchange servers?


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    We use Exchange where available and if not then just IIS SMTP server. Never had a good reason so far to branch out of those. You'll want to make sure you lock them down so that some spam bot on your lan doesn't pick them up and start relaying.
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    Both, depending on which network those server are behind. For example, all our SANs used for vSphere cluster aren't accessible from the Internet so I am using IIS SMTP on the virtual center to relay email using a specific VLAN. For stuff like hardware monitoring (i.e. SuperoDoctor on Supermicro) or Storagemanager on Raidcards I am using our Exchange server. In both cases SMTP allows only specific IPs or ranges to relay (no open relay in any case).
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    Ok, great. Thanks all!
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    I have done both. From a security conscious mind, I prefer to use a 2 linux smtp servers for any smtp internal application use. This way if an application goes crazy or is owned by a virus I can protect my corporate email system. For some companies the hardware and financial resources are not available. In those cases I setup a dedicated Exchange Hub Transport server with tightly controller 'receive connectors' and ACL's.
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