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Hey I was hoping someone could shoot me a basic config to get me going for a cisco 1250 access point. I've had an install for one drop in my lap and I'm a little lost. The customer wants to connect it directly to a dsl modem to provide just internet access. No VPN no LAN etc...
Mostly I'm hoping to just get it going with the basics. IE Wireless PC's getting onto the net and then I can setup and tweak stuff from there.



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    The web interface should allow you to enter some basic configuration options. (SSID, Authenticaion, etc)

    A few things to keep in mind with the 1250 AP's

    I believe they will require external antennas. I know the 1252's do, and without those external antennas the RF Signal will not get far.

    To use both radios with Wireless N capability it will require more power then the 802.3af standard provides so you will want to look at 802.3at or Cisco PoE+. (Or buy the Cisco PoE Injector with it.)

    This might be help depending on the IOS:
    Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide for Cisco Aironet Access Points Cisco IOS Releases 12.4(10b)JA and 12.3(icon_cool.gifJEC - Overview [Cisco Aironet 1200 Series] - Cisco Systems
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    Cool thanks for the info Steve.

    This one came with an external power brick and three directional antennas. I got everything working without too many issues. I did find the web interface was a little flaky but between the CLI and the web interface I got it all working.

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    3 directional antennas, how is RF coverage?

    Even though each radio has 3 external antenna connections, the "c" (middle connector) can not transmit only receive. (for use with Wireless N)

    The advantage of using 2 antennas on a radio is for antenna diversity to reduce multipath, so WLAN clients use the antenna that provides a better RF signal.

    Of course if RF coverage is good then you can disregard this post icon_smile.gif
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