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Hi All,

I need assistance.
On-site I have two ASA-5520's (Primary and Secondary).
I have 3 remote sites. 5 users at each remote site.
I need them to connect via VPN to my network.
What is the best and cheapest solution?

I was told that I can purchase a small VPN box for each individual PC and that these boxes can keep a constant connection and don't require the remote site admin to change anything on his router/firewall/switches.
Has anyone heard of this type of solution?
The guy that told me about it never told me the name of the product and I can't get in contact with him anymore.


  • Forsaken_GAForsaken_GA Member Posts: 4,024
    im confused as to why you wouldn't just install the cisco vpn client on the remote boxen and set the asa's up as vpn concentrators. If the remote sites have vpn traffic blocked, you'll basically have to tunnel a vpn through something else, and if that's the case, why bother with a remote firewall preventing egress traffic if you're just going to have your users circumvent it anyway.
  • AlanJamesAlanJames Member Posts: 230
    1\ IPsec tunnel to your asa from the remote location edge router
    2\ VPN client

    VPN client would be the easiest method, but the various protocols will need to be allowed through the remote locations FW.

    No idea what a small vpn box is. either way cisco VPN client is best (as stated
  • PhildoBagginsPhildoBaggins Member Posts: 276
    Yep a static ip on the asa and cisco ssl-vpn client and setup users on the asa. or get some cheap sonicwalls at the remote sites and setup site to site tunnels back and forth.
  • burbankmarcburbankmarc Member Posts: 460
    I've actually bought a cheap netgear firewall appliance ( i think it was around $120) and got this to work. However, you can only specify 1 remote network on the netgear, so if you have multiple subnets they need to contact then this doesn't work.

    But I would just use the ipsec vpn clients since it's free.
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