A+ for military job..

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    I was in the Army. My MOS had a 60% failure rate in our training. Those that failed didn't get kicked out of the Army. They were placed into a different MOS.

    If you don't know jack about computers I could see a person failing the A+ exam. Aside from that, it's very easy if you're experienced with hardware repair. Not because you already know all of the material, but because your experience helps you map a task you've done to what you read in the book/watch in the videos.

    Try taking some free practice tests. That might make you more comfortable. Good luck!!
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    the branch im in...if i fail out i get discharged, they wont re class me because one of my asvab sections is under 65. not the navy, marines, army....
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    I haven't heard people getting kicked out for failing A+ as a 3D, but I suppose its possible. We have had people show up to my base without their A+ and they get put on remedial training and no admin rights until they complete the cert. That being said, just study, also when you get the feedback form once you complete tech school you need to tell them the material for the A+ test isn't current enough to pass. It takes time for Keesler to update their stuff but they will do it if enough students make noise.
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    Because of future requirements for training if you cannot pass A+ they may choose to discharge you. It is always an option most of the time they will just retrain you. Do not stress so hard do your best and if you fail as long as you do not have a record they will keep you in.
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    In my experience its always been the people that slack off and joked around that failed. I remember when i was in training they offered a bootcamp for security+ at the end and they had such a high failure rate do to the people they where sending to it they stopped letting reservists go and where possibly going to try switch the test to the A+ instead.

    Also unless they changed something with the MOS getting the A+ should only have to do with DOD 8570.1 in which case if you fail the A+ it just means you wont get to play with any computers until you retake it and pass.
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    In the Air Force Tech School it is considered a block of instruction. If you do not pass all your blocks you do not move on.
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    I had to get A+ certified for my civilian job with the Navy. Now they told me I have to get an OS. In my case Windows 2003 server certified.

    Good luck with your test. I would recommend the Exam cram by David Prowse. It really helped me.
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