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Hey guys,
I've been lurking around this site for some time now going through the CCNAS discussions and my preparation is finally coming to a close as I prepare to take the exam week after next (payday's the 25th, yah? icon_wink.gif)

Just wanted to give a big shout out to the whole community! You've helped a lot in the few times I browse through the threads and have tried to garner as much knowledge as possible.

I've been using the Sybex CCNA Security Study guide because I could only afford one book at the time and I wanted practice questions (Paquet's book would have been ideal) and I heard bad things from multiple places about the Cisco Authorized Exam Prep Book.

In any case, I just picked up Mike's CCNA Security notes and I figure that will be what rounds off my prep. I've been using that book, Cisco's CBTs (my company's a Cisco partner) and lots of labbing with GNS3 (I have routers but GNS is sometimes more convenient).

Thanks again everyone and I pray that when I post my results, they'll be good ones =]


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