Are the technotes enough?

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I've got a decent amount of experience with security. I've setup linux firewalls, openbsd firewalls, etc. I've worked at a large datacenter for two years, and we deal with alot of high security, high profile clients (like government sites, etc.). I've already handled IPS devices, managed firewalls, etc. I looked at the technotes on Security+, and its all stuff I understand and most of it I am pretty familiar with. I already have Server+, iNet+, and Network+ (going for both A+ this week).

I was wondering if the technotes on this site were enough to study to go in and take the exam. If this is the case, I will study over the weekend and go take the test next week. I'm planning to spend April and May getting MCSE certs, but if Security+ is something I could cram for, I might take it first to get it out of the way. I like security stuff anyway.

Any thoughts??


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    Well, with the experience you have, review the objective for SEC+ on Comptia's site. IF you can discuss those and understand everything asked - review the TechNotes here.

    I have not taken SEC+, but everyone I know who has said it is very straight forward....almost easy. not take my word on level of difficulty :)
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    Are the technotes enough?
    No, I haven't written TechNotes for at least 50% of the exam objectives yet. At the bottom of each TechNotes, you can see exactly which exam objectives they cover. The objectives I wrote for so far, generally cover 90-95% of what you need to know to pass the exam and rightfully earn the certification.

    Follow this link to the complete list of exam objectives:

    p.s. I'll upload new TechNotes this week, covering everything you need to know about intrusion detection systems for the sec+ exam.
    I certainly think with the level of experience and the qualifications you have aquired already you certainly have a good advantage above someone who did'nt have them. Although the tech notes here are fantastic, I feel them alone are not enough. I personally felt that the security + exam objectives covered such a vast range of subjects that I needed a lot of resources to really grasp some of the objectives on this exam.

    My personal recommendations for study guides are:

    Tcat exam insight (personal fav)
    Ms press
    Osborne all in one

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    now that some technotes have been added, how does the array compare to the scope of the exam?


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    Getting closer, but still a lot to do. I got a lot of new ones coming soon, including physical security, cryptography, pki and key management, the remaining attacks, Internet security, remote access technologies, security policies, disaster recovery and business continuity, OS and application hardening, forensics, device and media security, risk management, and more ;) These are more or less the titles for the remaining TechNotes (hence chapters in the PDF).
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    Thanks WebMaster,

    Because cryptography, disaster recovery, pki and key management are tough topics. I am currently studying for this exam. And it does not hurt to have many resources. By the way I would still recommend studying additional information before writing this exam. Although this is a comptia test, this is labeled to be the hardest Comptia exam. Mainly because of the topic and the you have to score higher than on any other comptia exam in order to past.
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    IMO, technotes are a good review, Im using CBT nuggets which is rich and full of the info...
    What next?
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    Chivalry1 wrote:
    By the way I would still recommend studying additional information before writing this exam.
    I agree, although I'm aiming to create something that basically ensures a pass (if you read and understand it all), you shoudl always use multiple study resources for any exam.
    jmc724 wrote:
    IMO, technotes are a good review, Im using CBT nuggets which is rich and full of the info...
    I'm happy if you find them useful in any way, but they are meant to be a bit more than a 'review'. They are more extensive and detailed than my Network+ TechNotes, as well as compared to several published known Sec+ study guides. I'm rewriting the Authentication TechNotes to include a lot more information, but the exam objectives I covered so far do cover the essential information you need to pass this exam and know the material on a Sec+ level (and more in many cases). I'm sure CompTIA throws in a couple of odd topics/questions in each actual exam but they will have to go far out of bounds of the exam objectives to ask something that is not covered in the eventual Security+ TechNotes PDF.

    I hear a lot of good things about the CBT nuggets for Security+. I checked out the IDS free video a long time ago and although I usually don't use CBTs, it did make it easy to grasp.
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    Webmaster, when might the additional technotes be available?
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    I'm working on them pretty much every day. The last 3 years I wrote TechNotes per 'TechNote', per chapter basically. That results in TechNotes(1 online TechNotes article is usually 1 chapter in the PDF) that can be read indepently from other TechNotes. Basically a 'breakdown' of the exam objectives. I want to do something more than that with the Sec+ notes (the word notes are far from appropriate actually). The further I got with writing the Security+ TechNotes, the more the order of the exam objectives started to bother me. It's too messy and unlogical to follow exactly. So I decided to work on the entire PDF instead of individual chapters, to create something that reads like a book, or better, is a book. Over the past 2 to 3 months, I wrote the entire PDF in draft. That means I need to write it out, do 'some' fact-checking, have it proofread and checked by others, socalled Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This is being done, but it just takes time.

    This doesn't mean there won't be new online TechNotes before the PDF is released. Every part (chapter or large paragraphs) that I think is finished will be put online. I'm currently working on a piece about Physical Security, that is mostly independent from the the rest of the guide, I think it will be interesting but also cover the related exam objectives very well. I hope to have that one, and a couple of others, online in a week. It's impossible to tell when I'll finish the entire PDF, as it always takes longer than expected.

    Probably not the short and simple answer you were hoping for, when do you plan to take the exam?
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    thanks for the reply. I was wanting to take it by the end of June. I need to pass MS-226 (HA websites) and 216 though. I took 226 a few days ago (second shot....) and got a 675. 700 needed to pass. I've taken the last day or so to study up where I went wrong on 226. I know I could pass it now and will probably take it this coming wendsday (june 22).

    I'm already fairly studied on both 216 and Security+. I'm thinking about studying and taking 216 first, because its heavy on network architecture, and then taking Security+ shortly after. Im still slightly undecided which to take first. I have 216 scheduled for June 28, and Security+ scheduled for June 30.
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    Although they cover mostly different topics, I'm sure you notices there's some overlap between 216 and sec+. I think finishing 216 before Sec+ actually makes the latter a bit easier as it gives a good foundation on some network technologies that are covered from a security point of view in the Sec+ exam.

    I'm going to post some new stuff in the Security+ TechNotes sticky posts in a minute...
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    techboyjk wrote:
    I have 216 scheduled for June 28, and Security+ scheduled for June 30.
    How did it go??
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    I postponed the tests. I took Security+ today (july 6, 2005). I got an 812. Not perfect, but I passed. I am wanting to take 216 next week. I'll have to see how the studying goes.
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    Hello, Im new to this forum. Ive been searching the net for some useful study information for the Security+ exam and stumbled across the technotes posted on this site. They are excellent and I appreciate the way they address specific objectives on the exam.

    I will be taking the exam in August so I am curious to know if any further notes or the PDF will be available anytime soon.

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    Hello, welcome to the forums, and thanks :D
    I will be taking the exam in August so I am curious to know if any further notes or the PDF will be available anytime soon.
    I planned to have the Attacks TechNotes, which includes the attacks posted here and the remaining type of attacks listed in that particular exam objective, but on the scale of the entire exam that's not very much because if you can describe each attack in one or two sentences you'll know enough for the exam. After that, I'm not sure which one I'll finish first and when exactly. I got several (e.g. Risk Identifcation, Forensics, Remote Access Security) lined up and 80% done, but it's the last 20% that is the hardest. I do think I'll have some new TechNotes online this week and/or the next.
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    The technotes from this site were very useful for me although it wasn't the only material I used.
    Good luck! :D
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    So are these technotes good enough to pass with yet? If they are anything close to the Net+ they are ready. What technotes are like the Net+ here? That cleary make my mind up on which test to take next.
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    garv221 wrote:
    So are these technotes good enough to pass with yet? If they are anything close to the Net+ they are ready.
    I think the Security+ notes contain as much text now as the Network+ TechNotes, but as you may have noticed, I used a different style for the Security+ TechNotes, they are more like a real study guide (text book), which I think, and hope, improves readibility. The (2001) Network+ TechNotes are shorter, more cram-like. However, I haven't written notes for every Security+ exam objectives yet so no, they are not good enough to pass with yet. The parts I finished I believe cover at least 90% of any possible exam questions regarding the topics in those parts, but there's a still a fair portion of the objectives not covered at all. I agree that for people with some basic computer knowledge and experience it's fairly easy to pass the Network+ (at least the N10-002 exam) with just the TechNotes. Although I aim for the same thing with the Sec+ notes, I still recommend to combine it with a book or CBT for example.
    What technotes are like the Net+ here? That cleary make my mind up on which test to take next.
    None actually, because Network+ is the only exam we have a PDF for and covered all the exam objectives. 70-270 TechNotes are 80-85% complete, but the exam is not like the CompTIA exams (more tasks and skills than just concepts and theory). That goes for all current Microsoft and Cisco TechNotes too, there's a lot more too it than reading notes (I know you know of course). What I'm trying to say is that there won't be many TechNotes like the Network+ notes other than those for CompTIA exams, and exams like CISSP. That sounds worse than it is because I'll compensate with other material (practice exams, techlabs, CBTs for MS exams, etc.). The goal will always be to make sure you can pass by using our material in addition to a course, book, CBT. To fill in the gaps and take away the doubts.

    I know nobody is pushing or anything, but I do wish things (read: I) would go a bit faster. It's August already and I'm way behind schedule. There are a lot of reasons for that which I won't bore you with but I'm trying to make some major changes for me and that will have a lot of influence, all for the good of course.

    btw, if Drew keeps it up like this, we'll be coming closer to a complete PDF for the Linux+ exam every month.
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