Technotes for Server+

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I just wanted to point out that a majority of the objectives for Server+ is covered via existing technotes on A+ and Network+, etc. I just wanted to point out to the webmaster that they could throw something together that wouldn't cover all the bases, but would bite a big chunk out. Not that someone couldn't use the existing technotes on the site to study for Server+, but the material would be easier to understand if it was reassembled according to the actual documented Server+ objectives.

Just my two cents. This is a great resource so I felt like helping if I could.



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    Thanks for pointing that out. I know there's a fair amount of overlap between most CompTIA exams, though I haven't really compared the Server+ objectives to others. I will take a look soon to see if I can re-use some of the info. May take a while, but I added it to my todo list ;)
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