How difficult are these two exams?

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How difficult are these two?

Scale 1 - 10 if you had to rate them?

I have both books along with other MS books. and I was thinking about at least doing one of them. It almost seems like a waste of money having those discount vouchers in the books and not using them. I have read all of 271 and 272, so I wouldn't think it would be to terrible hard. Of course it's been over a year ago lol.

Just wondering what others thought of these exams.

IMO I wouldn't think these would be too terribly hard.


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    the 271 was maybe a 5/6. The only difficulty comes from the way microsoft words their problems. As long as you know group policy/share and ntfs permissions and basic networking, you will be fine. Its basically a toned down version of the 270.

    i have yet to take the 272, but ive heard it is easier. The study material also seems to be shorter.
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