Making semester schedule to prepare for exams.

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Hello, I've been considering acquiring IT certifications for an entry level IT job. I understand that there are all ready many threads about which certifications to get in this situation(and I have skimmed through many of them), however I think my situation is a bit different and therefor warrants a new thread. Like the others, I would appreciate any additional incite as to what certifications I should get but, I want to(if possible and if you all deem practical) build a semester schedule at the community college that I'm currently at which would give me the knowledge required to pass IT certification exams. I do have a book for the A+ certification exam, and I'm not unable to appreciate autodidactic methods, but I want to do this through a semester schedule because

1.All though I'm very familiar with computers in a non-professional way, I will be very new to IT in a professional setting, so having personal guides through my studies mite be very beneficial.

2.I'm worried that my school work could distract me from setting aside time to study for the exams, so if I make the two one in the same, I will have a better chance of giving it my all.

3.If I decide I really like it, I can use those credits to count towards an IT associates degree if I want to. I'm have about one more semester of basic credits and it would be fantastic to see if this could guide me in an academic direction.

The coarse descriptions though, don't give any incite as to what classes could help with certain degrees. The following are classes that look like they mite have a possibility of helping me with this.

Exploration 1: Network Fundamentals
Exploration 2. Routing protocols and concepts
Exploration 3. LAN switching and wireless
Exploration 4. Accessing the WAN
Supporting Network Server infrastructure
implementing and supporting server environment
Linux Installation and configuration
Personal Computer hardware
integrated software applications
introduction to database
information technology security

But here's the whole catalog just in case anyone wanted to look through it and tell me if I overlooked something I shouldn't

It would seem self explanatory that network+ class is to pass the network+ certification exam, but I didn't want to be conclusively presumptuous.

My initial thought was to go for A+ and Network+ though it does seem that the general consensus of this forum that network+ isn't worth the time comparatively to other certifications.

Any incite is appreciated, even if it is to say that my plan is stupid. Thanks!
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