Backup old PIX 5.x Image?

WillTech105WillTech105 Member Posts: 216
Hey guys,

I was recently assigned to upgrade an old 5.x PIX image to 6.2 (not enough memory to upgrade to vicon_cool.gif.

Thing is, when I do the show flash cmd I don't see any .bin files -- only some strange output that doesnt tell me anything about what files are in.

I found the following links that might be of help...
Upgrading Software for the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall and PIX Device Manager - Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems: PIX Firewall - Pix OS Upgrade

unable to upgrade PIX system

I can not touch this system again until tommorow but I wanted to know if anyone here has every had to backup an old 5.x image off a PIX before.

In Progress: CCNP ROUTE
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