Added some stuff to my home lab

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I got rid of 3x2503, 2x1924, 1x2926, 1x2511. I brought those into work and added them to my "Legacy Rack" I upgraded my Server with 4GB of RAM and have successfully run 8 different operating systems in VMWARE. I have run 3x2 node callmanager clusters in VM. I added 2x NM-HDV with VWIC-MFT-T1, two 7960 IP phones, and several more princess phones. I am now gonna get rid of the 2520s and replace them with 3640s to run CallManager Express. If I can pull it off, I will get two 2651XMs with max mem to run the latest CME.

I am currently running MGCP, SIP, and SCCP with MGCP gateways, H.323 gateways, an H.323 Gatekeeper, and a SIP proxy.


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