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I noticed that there is no dedicated forum for the PMP here. Is anyone aware of a community that is out there for the PMP? I am wrapping up my CCSP within the next month and I plan on tackling the PMP next. I already have the latest PMBOK and the PM PrepCast, and I did study for this exam a couple of years ago, but I became discouraged by the process of documenting my experience; I have been working on one project for the past year, so it should make the process much more streamlined.

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    The experience documentation is about the toughest part of earning the PMP....

    As far as a forum, you might look at - Gateway to Professional PM . I'm not a member, but I know several people that have used that site.

    I wouldn't worry about actually reading the PMBOK. At least not as a study aid for the exam. It's not really designed for that, and they don't really ask questions that quote line and verse from the PMBOK on the exam.

    When I studied for it I read an earlier edition of PMP Exam Prep, Sixth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam (9781932735185): Rita Mulcahy: Books . It's an excellent book to use for this exam. I also used . PM FASTrack® Software - Version 6 Downloadable Version . Rita is a big name in the PMP prep world.

    I studied solid for about a month and found that to be about 3 weeks too long. I don't want to encourage you to under-prepare or anything, but the PMP is one of the easiest exams I've ever taken. People build it up to be much more than it really is.

    Looking at your cert list, you're not likely to have much problem with it. Know all of the weird formulae that they talk about and you'll get around 20 questions correct. Know the 42 processes and the 5 process groups, and know thing like the difference between things like "chartered" and "initiated" and you'll have no issue.

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