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Hi Guys,
Am facing an issue with a configuration on cisco 1841 router.

I have 2 network interfaces on the router
F0/0 connected to ISP1 via PPPOE with a Dialer0 Interface
F0/1 connected to ISP2 via dhcp

A 4 ports Switch connected to LAN via Vlan1 Interface.
on the Vlan1 interface, i have configured 2 subnets ( and

My problem is this:

I want subnet to go to internet only via interface F0/1
I want subnet to go to internet only via interface F0/0 > Dialer0
I want to map port 80 and other specific ports on the interface Dialer0 with a host in subnet

Please can someone help me with a sample config to match my needs.



  • MonkerzMonkerz Member Posts: 842
    This is probably your homework, but I was really bored and felt like typing...
    ip access-list extended SUB18
       permit tcp any eq 80
    ip access-list extended SUB19
       permit tcp any eq 80
    route-map FILTER permit 5
       match ip address SUB18
       set ip next-hop [B]<IP_OF_ISP2>[/B]
    route-map FILTER permit 10
       match ip add SUB19
       set ip next-hop [B]<IP_OF_ISP1>[/B]
    interface [B]<LAN_side_of_router>[/B]
       ip policy route-map FILTER
    ip nat inside source static tcp [B]<ip_you_want_to_map>[/B] 80 interface Dialer0 80
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