Failed CISSP with 696 - retaking soon

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I took CISSP exam on April 3rd 2011 and i failed with score of 696.
reading in to this form and other CISSP forms, it looks like asking for re-scoring is not going to help big time. chances of passing with re-scoring is like less than 5%.

So I plan to take exam again on May 8th 2011 because everything is still fresh in my mind.

here is my scoring:
Access Control (icon_cool.gif
Telecommunications & Network Security
Information Security Governance & Risk Management (10)
Application Security (4)
Cryptography (1)
Security Architecture & Design (icon_cool.gif
Operations Security (5)
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning (2)
Legal, Regulations, Compliance & Investigations (7)
Physical (Environmental) Security (3)

I dont remember if i had any question from Information Security Governance & Risk Management and Legal, Regulations, Compliance & Investigation on my exam.
my 35% exam was Cryptography i know.

but it looks like i need to work on
Information Security Governance & Risk Management
Legal, Regulations, Compliance & Investigations
Access Control
Security Architecture & Design

domain more for my next exam.

so i would like to ask form members to give me any good recommendation for these four domains.
Access Control is my strong domain as per me, but on exam i did bad i guess.
I know other three domains are my weak domains.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

I used
Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, Second Edition
i attended CISSP review seminar and used review seminar's book for preparation.


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    I would strongly recommend CISSP 11th hour study guide by Eric Conrad. It really is top notch for the last min. test prep and a quick glance as each domain from which you can use Shon Harris's book to dig deeper.
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    Thanks all of you.
    I am going to dig in Shon Harris AIO & CISSP Exam Prep Questions, Answers & Explanations: 800+ by SSI.

    let's hope they help.

    Thank you
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    So this happened :) I will pass on my retake. I went to vomit 2 times during the exam
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