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Hello ppl,

I will start soon to study for CCNA.
I want to know what are the main differences between the book of Todd Lammle (CCNA Study guide - 5th edition) and the book of Wendell Odom. That is, what are their advantages and disadvantages since in some areas one is, probably, better than the other.
Of course if you know better books, advise me.

Thanks in advance


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    I am in on your question I would like to know also.
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    I think in the long run it all boils down to the reader. I borrowed Wendel Odom's encyclopedia and never really finished it cover to cover. Its full of volumes and volumes of technical facts tailored for the CCNA. One thing i liked about it is that you can jump in from any page or topic and you'll be rolling.
    Tod Lammle to the CCNA aspirant is like Rober Ludlum and Eric Lustbader rolled in one. It's a bestseller no doubt. Sometimes i got the feeling that he might have forgotten something but after reading it once and taking the exam i can honestly say its all there and whatever is missing should definately be in the 5th edition and Cisco website. Todd has a way of explaining technically difficult stuff in a manner that even a kindergarten kid could understand icon_lol.gif . I believe either or all of these books coupled with real hands-on practice is a sure bet. I intend to get Lammles 5th edition for my own. Good luck on your studies.

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