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Does anybody know of any websites that list a lot of the OS information in good tables? I've read through the Mike Meyer's All In One book, as well as the technotes here and on MCMCSE, but it so much easier for me to learn and memorize things when it's in a table or chart right in front of me, rather than having to read through a bunch of information in paragraph form.
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    Why not just design your own? Then you get the added benefit of writing down the information, which always seems to help in remembering.
  • entzillaentzilla Member Posts: 141
    That's what I'm working on right now. :D

    I'm just kind of in a rush. I also don't know the information that well, so my work may not be as reliable as someone who is experienced.
    CompTIA A+ Certified - July 5th, 2005
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