frame relay interface type question

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Hey all,
I'm in the process of refreshing my frame relay basics and stumbled upon these doubts:

1)In case of multiple PVCs terminating on a router's serial interface, even if we don't enter any DLCI info (thru frame-relay interface DLCI or frame-relay map) into the interface, connectivity is established, thanks to inverse ARP and LMI.

However, in case of p2p or multipoint links ( assume only one sub int has been created), we have to enter dlci info or do a static map. else pinging doesnt work. Why is this so?
assume DLCI are local.

2) when we do "show frame relay map" in case of p2p links, no L3 ip address is displayed. This is mentioned in Wendell odum (ICND2). Why is there no L3 mapping info? In case of p2p links, is there any alternative way to see this ?


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    There is no layer three mapping because there is only one possible other endpoint in a point to point type situation, so all is needed is the DLCI
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