Stripe or No Stripe

Lee HLee H Member Posts: 1,135

Not too clued up with these snazzy SSD's I dont even have one myself good old SATA will suffice for my PC which only plays movies on my TV so never seen the point

Have been asked to upgrade a PC's SSD (OCZ Vertex 30Gig) to something much larger

I suppose 64Gig would be good but my main supplier of IT equipment doesnt stock OCZ lower than 120Gig and that is a wopping £209, although Maximum Read: 550MB/sec, Maximum Write: 500MB/sec which is awesome

So could I buy 2 of these

Kingston 64GB SSDNow V100 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive - Aria PC

and stripe them, would I need a RAID controller or would the MOBO do this, CPU is an i5 ASUS MOBO cant remember the model

And would the read and write Read Speed: 250MB/Sec, Write Speed: 145MB/Sec double to 500 read and 290 write

Any help would be great


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