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Took the 70-685 today and missed by one question (got a 68icon_cool.gif. The printout after said I was weak on "Supporting Mobile Users" and "Identifying Cause of and Resolving Security Issues".

I have a book that claims to be for 70-685 and I've read it twice, but it does not go into much depth on wireless at all. Very skimpy in that department. icon_rolleyes.gif

Is there a resource that goes over wireless in depth, from technologies 11b vs 11g to encryption and whole process of certificates for wireless/VPN users, what servers issue them and so on? I really need to hammer down that knowledge. icon_study.gif Bonus points for a similar resource for security issues.

Frankly the test asked a lot of questions about servers, which I thought didn't belong on a desktop test, but so be it.


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    Sorry to hear you didn't pass, you were very close. What book did you use?
    I used Darril Gibson's book for the 685, I thought it covered the areas fairly well.
    The 680/685 exams expect you to have some server experience / knowledge, so studying the 686 material helped me there.

    Wireless LAN Technologies and Microsoft Windows

    This link has some good information. If you want real indepth information, you could try the IETF site.

    btw: Welcome to the forum!
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