Trouble with Hairpin CME 3.3 and CallManager

JollycorkJollycork Member Posts: 149
stumped with hairpin between CME 3.3 and CallManager 4

calls from Callmanager 4 work fine calling phones on CME
but the reverse is not true.

dial-peer on CME is:

dial peer voice 100 voip
destination-patter 2... [which are extension #s of phones on CallManager 4]
session-target ipv4: [CallManager 4 ip address]
dtmf-relay h245-alpha numeric
codec G711.ulaw
no vad

in CME 3.3. telephony-service

call-forward pattern .t
calling-number local

When calling the CallManager 4 extensions [200X] I get "unknown number".

debug dialpeer gets zip

have CME configured via Cisco's Call Transfer Forwarding document and H.323 Gateway Configuration BetweenCallManager Express and CallManager

not sure why CME can't call CallManager but CallManager can call CME

network connectivity between CME and CallManager is fine. can ping all around

using 2 1760s CME is on one and the other is H323 gateway for CallManager 4.

allow-connections H323 is configured on both 1760s

and hints or references greatly appreciated


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    LuckycharmsLuckycharms Member Posts: 267
    With out knowing more of your setup, I would say the quick and easy solutions would be look at the inbound gatways CSS and see if it has access to the phone's partition.
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    JollycorkJollycork Member Posts: 149
    this is a lab setup where I have 2 1760s, one running CME [as a remote site] and one as a gateway to CallManager 4.3 with Unity.

    Allow connections H323 to H323 is enabled on both 1760s and the 1760 acting as a gateway for CallManager 4.3 see's the 1760 running CME.

    CallManager 4.3 can call phones on the CME setup by extension number, but phones on the CME setup can not call CallManager 4.3 phones, by extension number. even with a dial peer pointing to CallManager 4.3 and destination pattern of phone extensions on CallManager 4.3

    I'm stuck because debugs simply do not display any information to debug why dialing an extension on CallManager 4.3 from CME doesn't go through, but dialing an extension on CME from CallManager does. I very well could be not debugging calls right to find out , eg I'm doing a debug ephone on both CME side and CallManager 4.3 side.

    I suspect it's a route group, route pattern, on CallManager but all the documentation I've read says CallManager and CME recognize each other and work together without much configuration needed. That's Cisco's Document ID: 99792 H.323 Gateway Configuration Between
    CallManager Express and CallManager which I've followed to configure both 1760s.

    I'm not using gatekeepers but according to the documentation I don't need to...

    I'm also not using Calling Search Spaces and partitions for phones. Just add phones in CallManager 4.3 and create a route group, route pattern and create ephone-DNs on CME with dial-peers.

    I've successfuly had 2 CMEs able to dial extensions on each others system, but not using CallManager 4.3 and CME.

    Still reading, and I know I don't have sufficent grasp of the concepts of call handling, but... the setup should work...according to the documentation..but CME phones display unknown number when dialing an extension on CallManager 4.3 system even with the dial-peer that says destination pattern is the 4.3 phone extension and the session target is the CallManager 4.3 server.
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    GuyManDudeGuyManDude Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    You need an incoming dial peer on your CME. Something like so:

    dial-peer voice 1 pots
    incoming called-number .
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    JollycorkJollycork Member Posts: 149
    it's actually CME calling extensions on CallManager that's the problem. CallManager phones can call extensions on CME but not the other way around.

    that's the dial-peer on the CME 1760 router

    dial-peer voice 1 voip
    destination-patter 2... [which are extensions on CallManager
    session target ipv4: 192.168.XXX.XXX [CallManager server IP]
    dtmf-relay h245
    codec 711ulaw
    no vad

    which should allow CME to dial extensions on CallManager over the DCE/DTC H323 link between CME running on a 1760V and the 1760V gateway to CallManager.
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    GuyManDudeGuyManDude Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Put one of the 2xxx phones in the none partition and try calling it. If you can call it you will know it is a CSS/partition config prob.
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