updated IPv6 RFCs published

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Credit to packetlife.net for this one

NAT64 RFCs Published Last Week - Packet Life

RFC 6144 had an interesting note on IPv6 transition...

"Post-Transition Phase (2012 and beyond): characterized by a
preponderance of IPv6-based services and diminishing support for
IPv4-based services.:"

I don't really think you're going to see any major decline in IPv4 for at least another two years. Other than Techies, ISPs and the Government, nobody has really embraced the IPv4 "sky is falling" bandwagon yet. Don't get me wrong...i'm a fan of IPv6, I just don't think that the transition is going to happen as quickly as the guys writing the RFCs do.
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    The transition is going to take another 10 to 15 years of simply having a dual stack network being the "new" idea of how everyone should configure their networks to support this transition. Once we all have this dual stack in place, we can start pulling the plug on our IPv4 layers in the network.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new RFC!
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    I agree that it's going to take some time for IPv6 to take hold. You have a lot of enterprises here in the US who are staunchly holding onto old technology as long as the cost benefits are there. It'll take time but it's inevitable.
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